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School Alert Systems

Tips For Maintaining A Clear Communication Channel Between Schools And Teachers


From the very beginning, having a clear and continuous line of communication between schools and parents can help avoid any potential misunderstandings that may arise. The more parents are kept up to date about classroom matters and are included in school activities, the more they feel like a part of the school team. By doing this, the school will build supportive parents who are aware of the school operations and, thus, not likely to have negative views about the school.


Creating a clear, efficient and effective school notification systems with parents would require a school to follow these simple tips:


You should begin the year by informing parents when exactly they should expect to hear from the school. The school should make parents to feel valued and assure them of its clear intentions to respond to any questions they have as well as address any underlying issue they may have. You should set a specific time or date aside for parents who have issues and concerns addressed.


Inform parents of your schedule and policy for returning phone calls, emails and the times when you can actually be available for conferences. Once the dates are clearly set out, it will remove any need for parents trying to trail teachers or queue outside the office frequently seeking solutions to their problems.


As a teacher or school administrator, avoid instances where you have to bow down under pressure and make important decisions over a discussion or during parent conferences. It is advisable to take some time and ponder over the decision and possibly to seek more advice from other teachers or people in authority who can help you make an informed decision, before delivering the decision to the parent(s). If faced with such a situation, politely ask for time to think about the situation and clearly tell the parents when they should expect your response.


You should do your best to make parents trust you as a school administrator. Thus, you really must keep off from talking negatively about students and parents with other parents.


Parents are always concerned about the progress their children are making at school. Therefore, they are more relaxed when the smallest concern in their child's progress is noted and immediately communicated to them when they can address it at an early stage. Most importantly, school closing text alerts should be sent to parents.


When there is any problem with a student, students or the school; it is important present such concerns to parents together with measures put in place to address such concerns. Most parents do not like being presented with problems and no solutions.